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Now Available for Public Speaking!

Now Available for Public Speaking!

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The Book - wHAT tHEY aRE sAYING!


Purpose is the driving force for success in an organization. Jamey Lutz's new book provides the potent recipe for ensuring that a powerful, visionary purpose remains strong, relevant, and compelling.

- Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Whether you are the coach of a little league basketball team or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, organizational culture is paramount. It is the glue that binds your people together to accomplish extraordinary things. In Pathway to Purpose, Jamey Lutz provides a winning formula for fostering championship-level cultures that will both inspire your employees and differentiate you in today’s competitive marketplace.

- Pat Williams, NBA Hall of Famer and author of Revolutionary Leadership

Where there is no vision, the people perish,’ wrote King Solomon in the Bible.  Today’s version of ‘perish’ is a tragic loss of commitment, passion, and a bright North star needed for shared direction and congruent core values.  Pathway to Purpose provides a wise approach with practical counsel and tools for creating a purpose-full organization destined for greatness.

- Chip R. Bell, author of Inside Your Customer's Imagination

With hands-on experience and wise observation, Jamey has forged a pathway to purpose for any organization searching for greater meaning and effectiveness.  I have seen his work firsthand, as Jamey played a pivotal role in helping Atlantic Capital better articulate our purpose and reimagine our culture. This recipe works!

- Doug Williams, CEO, Atlantic Capital Bank

It’s one thing to wax poetic about being a workplace of excellence. It’s another thing altogether to demonstrate how it can actually be accomplished in a real-world, corporate setting. Jamey Lutz has a proven track record of helping organizations design irresistible cultures that employees and customers alike find simply irresistible. If you are serious about taking your culture to the next level, make Pathway to Purpose required reading for all your leaders!

- Lisa McLeod, bestselling author, Selling with Noble Purpose

I think the most important prefix in the English language is RE. To re-commit, re-envision, and re-imagine is the best way to be creative and transformative in today’s fast-paced world. My friend, Jamey Lutz, challenges his readers to re-think the way they look at work by looking at how others create excellence and add value to their work. When you link your personal skill set to a noble purpose then passion is the result...when passion reigns then the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Buy this book, implement the timeless values and you can help change your world!

- Dr. Dwight "Ike" Reighard, President/CEO MUST Ministries

Jamey is a workplace culture anthropologist, drawing on his extensive experience in organizational development, culture, and leadership.  Jamey has a passion for learning and an even greater passion for helping others find joy and fulfillment in their work.  Pathway to Purpose is an inspirational account of Jamey’s journey, collected through a successful career and relevant life experiences.  Whether speaking one-on-one or to an audience of five hundred, Jamey connects the dots from these experiences for the reader in an inspiring and actionable way.

- Annette Rollins, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Atlantic Capital Bank

Pathway to Purpose is a comprehensive guide for those interested in leveraging the power of human capital—a must-read for leaders looking to unlock the secrets of employee engagement and achieve high profitability levels. Jamey does a splendid job of sharing best practices and practical tips that can be easily implemented by companies of all sizes. His engaging style of writing made this an easy and enjoyable read.

- Roberta Matuson, President, Matuson Consulting and author of Can We Talk?

When you think of companies with incredible cultures, that are also among the absolute best places to work, you think of the Ritz Carlton, the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and Atlantic Capital Bank. It is no surprise that Jamey Lutz had leadership roles with each, playing pivotal roles in developing cultures of excellence and incredible work environments. Pathway to Purpose provides us with the historical perspective, his experiences and knowledge, and a peek into Jamey’s playbook to help all of us apply what we can learn and use in our own companies and workplace.

- Roy Heintz, National Director of Service Excellence, Reliable Roofing

We live in a world of exceptional or nothing.  As such, creating a culture of purpose and excellence becomes the new competitive advantage.  Jamey Lutz crafted a well-researched case for living by purpose in work and life and chart the operational blueprint to transforming your culture and activating the intrinsic motivation of your people.  The first step in winning the hearts and minds of your people, is reading this important book.

- Lior Arussy, author of Customer Experience Strategy, Exceptionalize It! and Next is Now!

Why is it that so many organizations aspire to become employers of choice but never quite get there? As Jamey Lutz points out in his new book, great cultures don’t just happen by chance. They arise when leaders make a concerted commitment to prioritizing people over profit. Pathway to Purpose delivers on a set of guiding principles that will inspire your employees to perform at their collective best.

- Sonny Deriso, Chairman, Atlantic Capital Bank  

Pathway to Purpose serves as a roadmap of practical strategies to turn your workplace into a cultural powerhouse. Jamey Lutz’s plan for designing world-class cultures is backed by a proven mix of validated research and personal experience. This is a book you will want to read, re-read and gift to a friend.

- Chester Elton, Executive Coach, author of Leading with Gratitude and The Carrot Principle

In Pathway to Purpose, Jamey Lutz connects the dots for how to create or transform an organization in a way that empowers it to prosper with the right combination of strong core values, an inspiring team culture, high performance standards, and strategies for fulfilling its mission.  Through an effective combination of research and personal experience, Jamey provides concepts, principles, actionable steps, and specific examples for making “irresistible culture” a reality.

- Richard Tiller, Executive Coach, co-author of Motivation from the Heart

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